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is a ground-breaking product designed and patented by Shoolex. Make ‘Em Fit is a memory foam shoe filler that fills the empty space of the shoe toe box in order to make a big shoe fit. Make ‘Em Fit is soft, accommodating, and allows your toes to sink into it comfortably. It is the perfect solution for people that are forced to buy shoes that are too big.

Today, there are several situations that require us to buy bigger sized shoes. They include, but are not limited to: 

  • Wide feet
  • Different sized feet
  • Size unavailability
  • Bunions
  •  Swollen feet
  • Larger ankles

comes in four different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
It is for all ages and gender and can be used for heels, loafers, flat shoes, dress and casual shoes, boots, sport and running shoes.

Product Sizes

Sized Just Right!


Small is best for less than half-size bigger shoes


Small is best for less than half-size bigger shoes


Large is best for one size bigger shoes


Extra Large is best for one and a half to two sizes bigger shoes

3 Sizes pack shoe filler…

3 Sizes pack
shoe filler…


What customers say about our products

My shoe size is between whole numbers and wide, although sometimes i buy a half size big and normal width. Finding a shoe I like with also the right size is hard. I have just now tried out this product in medium, and wow, now the shoe fits just right and feels so comfortable!

M Pise Happy Customer

These are great! I ordered some adorable shoes online a few months ago and didn't try them on. Once I did, they were just huge and it was too late to return them. I didn't think anyone sold anything like this, and after tryin Kleenexes and newspaper, I went to Amazon to look. These are a lifesaver.

Jane Foster Designation

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    For all ages and all genders!