About Us

Shoolex is an innovative company focused on bringing reliable and comfortable shoe accessories to consumers worldwide. Founded in 2013, the idea came to the founder after witnessing his daughter having trouble finding the right size shoes, and always being forced to get bigger shoes. It was then he discovered many people had problems that forced them to buy bigger shoes.

This is how Make ‘Em Fit was created! A solution that not only benefits his daughter, but also, millions of other people that no longer have to suffer.

Our Vision

We believe that there is no “perfect fit” when it comes to buying shoes, because everyone’s feet are different. There is no way of buying shoes that exactly fit the formation of your feet unless you get them custom-made, which is unrealistic. Most people don’t have the luxury to get their shoes custom-made. Because of this, we as people tend to try on numerous pairs of shoes – of different sizes and styles – trying to find the one that is the most comfortable. Specially for those who are between sizes, have petite feet, wide feet, different sized feet and more.. This is why some people have to buy bigger shoes, but this “solution” just causes a different set of problems. Now, Shoolex has designed a legitimate solution that we believe will help consumers in their hunt for the perfect shoe. It’s revolutionary.

Product Features

For all ages and all genders!